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Non-executive directors
Non-executive directors, whilst having the same legal obligations and responsibilities as an executive director of a company, bring an objective view and breadth of experience that supports good governance and strategic thinking.

Ideally a non-exec should also bring specialist knowledge to the board but more importantly non-execs maintain an independent view of the company and its board, and play a valuable role in monitoring executive management.

As the Institute of Directors states: “The Cadbury, Hampel and Higgs reports, some of whose recommendations are included in the revised Combined Code, stress that the board should include independent non-executive directors of sufficient calibre and number for their views to carry significant weight in the board's deliberations.”

We are highly experienced in using our specialist knowledge, contacts and experience to work in a Non-Executive Director role to help your company. For example, to achieve accelerated business growth.

Please contact us to arrange an initial meeting (free of charge) to discuss your organisation’s specific needs.

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